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Shift And Connect – All Packages

Transform Your Relationships: Bridge Gaps and Cultivate Deeper Connections


Flip Your Script – All Packages

Unlock Your Inner Positivity and Rewrite Your Life's Story


Stellar Mindfulness – All Packages

Step Out Of Stress And Worry To Find Your Peace And Joy


The Accelerator

Leave limiting beliefs behind and make today YOUR day for the very first time!


Find Your Happy

Reconnect with what makes you happy and use it as the fuel for an incredible life

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The Journey

Become your true self as you enrich your life with authentic happiness like never before



Journey to the island of Samos to immerse yourself in the truth about authentic happiness


The Ticket

Start, grow and accelerate a business that sets you free like never before

The Goal Tracker

New direction, goals, clarity and accountability: What else could you wish for?


The Mechanics of Life

Virtual workshops that take you from the pit lane to the finishing line in record time!


The Island Mindset

Make happiness the skill that lasts a lifetime as you achieve anything and everything.


The Passport

Reimagine your future and let your ideal life finally start to take shape.

What Our Happy Students Are Saying

I rediscovered aspects of who I am and after many years have been able to utilize them again in my everyday life.
Bob S.
Virginia, USA
I came to the realization that I have to get out of my own way. Surely my life will change for the better. Thank you Stella You are a gift to the world.
Jessica M.
From Miami, FL

Choose to live a passionate, meaningful, exciting life…the  LIFE you LOVE living.

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