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How can you build a business that sets you free?

Build from within and everything is possible…

Can’t strike the work-life balance that you so badly want in life?

Wish your business could fuel your life, rather than become your life?

It's time to live free...

Discover The Ticket to your new future

Working for yourself is empowering, inspiring and motivating…when things are going well!

The problem is that when you decide to cut loose and be the boss, you really are the boss. The buck stops with you, there’s no one to turn to, and you’re the one whose life can quickly revolve around nothing but work, work, work.

Does that resonate with part of you right now?

Perhaps you’re starting to feel a little like this… I know I was:

-Overwhelmed by the constant stream of bad news and difficult decisions

-Paralyzed when it comes to taking decisive action that will put you ahead

-Drowning in a never-ending cycle of work, sleep, repeat with no room for life

I want you to press ‘pause’ and bottle these feelings.
We don’t want to dwell on them and give in to negative energy.
But we can use them as fuel to go out there and make real changes.

How Do I know?

I’ve been there and done it…

Stella Frances - Creator

As a lifelong believer that self-awareness, positive energy and dreaming big are the secrets to happiness and success, I’m on a mission to share these ideas with the world.

With this in mind, I created the Live Happily Academy so you never have to settle for ‘good enough’ or the status quo. I look forward to connecting and starting a dialogue about what resonates with you and your dreams.


Your Business, Your Life

Do you work to live, or live to work?

It’s the age-old question that everyone who works for themselves has to wrestle with, and you’re no different.

But what you do have is the help, support and inspiration from a unique 2-step process that makes both you and your business more effective than you can ever believe:

-Clarify your vision and mission so you know the true purpose of your business

-Focus your energy the right way with goal tracking and life-changing accountability

-Reorganize your relationship with work and develop internal and external processes

-Reimagine your life from the ground up and supercharge your business at the same time

I once saw a movie with Burt Lancaster in which he said that in order for things to remain the same, we need to change. And this is how Stella Frances helped me. I learned to allow myself to choose to move forward. I changed for the better because Stella showed me how to dig deep into my soul and bring out the best in me.
Franco V.

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The Ticket gives you access to everything you need to make this happen.

All you have to do is step forward and decide you want to build a business that sets you free…

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