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What is it you actually want in life?

Answering that question isn’t always easy…

Want to change the way you live, but feel lost when it comes to direction, vision and goals?

Ready to reach deep within yourself?

How do you go anywhere in the world?

You book your tickets, spend weeks getting excited and pack your bags with a smile on your face. You’re excited to enjoy some sunshine, great food and even better company, not to mention an incredible new culture. It will be the trip of a lifetime and allow you to come home feeling refreshed and alive like you haven’t in years.

You wake up on time, leave on time and get to the airport in plenty of time. As you go to check-in you realize you won’t be going anywhere, but back home. Why? You don’t have the final piece of the puzzle that allows you to board the plane and go anywhere in the world.

Having your passport is what would have allowed you to get on that plane and live without limits. And having a crystal clear understanding of what you want and why is what allows you to do anything in life you set your mind to.

Do you have the tools you need to make this journey?

Imagine what it would be like to arrive at your destination, and then ask yourself exactly how you’ll get there. Don’t worry if you can’t picture every step — that’s what I want you to see is missing…

Are you starting to worry you’ll never be able to get what you want without compromising who you are? Hold onto that feeling and tell yourself that simply by being aware of it, you’ll be the one who makes the changes and finds the tools.

Trust me; if I can do it, why can’t you?

Clarity is always the first step

You wouldn’t blindly book those tickets and get to the airport at a random time, so why would you approach the rest of your life that way? You want to understand everything that goes into making your adventures in this world possible if you’re going to embark on the ones that truly mean something to you.

My job is to show you that simply by reaching into yourself and asking yourself questions, you can change the way you live your dreams:

–  Gain Clarity about your vision, hopes and aspirations for the future
– Refocus Yourself in a meaningful way, starting from the inside out
– See New Sights that could shape your journey through life for the better
– Be Honest with who you are and never lose sight of the person you want to be

Can you do this without looking deeper inside?

Honestly, I believe the answers, potential and dreams that you need to succeed in life are already there inside of you. It’s my role to help you shine a light on them, magnify them and find ways to amplify them above the noise so they’re heard every second of your life. Only then will you be able to see the changes and manifest the dreams that you live for.

As long as you know who you are, and stay true to that person who lives deep within you, everything will start to fall into place as you find your own path in the world.

Simply by clicking that button you can give yourself permission to focus on yourself with integrity, honesty and creativity in a way no one believes is possible. 

This is your chance to free yourself from the hustle and bustle and move out of the shadows of the crowds. Once you do, you’ll see that you really can find the space and time in your life to learn the tools and strategies that will transform you in your own personal way.

We can build your toolkit, one step at a time

My self improvement and direction program is focused on equipping you for what lies out there in the real world. It’s a unique chance to allow yourself to:

Fill Your Toolbox with a constantly growing set of skills that are invaluable
– Build Your Strategies and see how they allow happiness to flow into you
– Always Stay True to yourself as you approach your life with integrity and happiness

Why would you miss out on the chance to be YOU?

You’re a unique individual with passion, purpose and potential that can light up the world the moment you allow yourself to flourish. I want you to take action right NOW so you never look back on today with regret…

Once you do, you’ll be so much closer to getting it by staying true to the person you were always meant to be.

Let’s set the real YOU free and show the world what happens.


Hi! Stella Frances here, by creating the Live Happily Secrets I want to introduce you to new ways you can manifest your dream life in a way that works in perfect harmony with the real world.


Hi!  Stella Frances here, by creating the Live Happily Secrets I want to introduce you to new ways you can manifest your dream life in a way that works in perfect harmony with the real world.


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