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Is there a secret living the life no-one thinks is possible?

How you deal with every moment truly matters

Want to remove your fear of failure and achieve without limits?

Ready to master the art of optimism and use it as your internal fuel?

Action begins with a click

It’s time to push The Accelerator

-Why have I picked that choice of wording? I experienced life in the UK where the ‘gas pedal’ goes by the name of the ‘accelerator.’ Just by going on that journey I was able to find a new phrase, choice of words and way of looking at things.

Why can’t you do exactly the same in any aspect of your life you choose?

You’ve already come so far and achieved so much in life, but what if you want to do more in record time?

Pushing The Accelerator allows you to make deep seated change with yourself that you can then use to power the rest of your life.

How would that make you feel?

Do you even have a vision for how you would do it?

Take these feelings of uncertainty and turn them into wonder, intrigue and curiosity. Sit with them and let the possibilities they open up allow you to imagine yourself:

-Making A Difference in a way that allows you to be the person you want to be

-Living Free in a way that allows you to approach life with compassion and optimism

-Doing More through a combination of unbreakable patience and winning habits

Sit with this image for a moment…

And now continue…

Failure is not the end, it’s the beginning

This powerful curriculum for personal change begins with failure, adversity and fear to show you that when you think the worst is happening, you’re actually growing faster.

From there we tackle self-blame with perseverance and forgiveness, allowing you to ex-pand your horizons and remove your internal limits.

The power of the word and inner compassion then give rise to optimism and enhanced fo-cus, taking you down new paths faster than you can imagine.

We then finish with three disciplines that tie everything together and allow you to accelera-tor at record pace:

-Time Management that puts you in control of every waking moment

-Patience that makes sure you never lose sight of your goals

-Habits that allow you to achieve success on autopilot

I once saw a movie with Burt Lancaster in which he said that in order for things to remain the same, we need to change. And this is how Stella Frances helped me. I learned to allow myself to choose to move forward. I changed for the better because Stella showed me how to dig deep into my soul and bring out the best in me.
Frank V
Franco V.

How Do I know?

I used each of these steps to build my own dream life…

Stella Frances - Creator

As a lifelong believer that self-awareness, positive energy and dreaming big are the secrets to happiness and success, I’m on a mission to share these ideas with the world.

With this in mind, I created the Live Happily Academy so you never have to settle for ‘good enough’ or the status quo. I look forward to connecting and starting a dialogue about what resonates with you and your dreams.


Ready to accelerate?

You deserve the chance to set yourself free from limits and boundaries.

The next decision you take will show you that this is only just the beginning

Your time has arrived.

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