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Ignite Your Journey to Relationship Bliss!

Get Ready to Shift Gears and Connect with Purpose

Welcome to the exhilarating world of SHIFT & CONNECT, led by Stella Frances – where ordinary relationships transform into extraordinary connections filled with joy, love, and boundless possibility! Get ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth as we accelerate down the roadmap to thriving relationships.

Are you tired of feeling disconnected and longing for deeper, more meaningful connections? Well, buckle up because you’re about to experience a shift like never before! SHIFT & CONNECT isn’t just about learning; it’s about igniting a spark within you, propelling you towards a life filled with vibrant, fulfilling relationships.

Get ready to break free from the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary as Stella guides you through navigating the twists and turns of communication, the power of empathy, and the magic of authentic connection. Join us as we shift gears towards a future brimming with happiness, love, and genuine human connection. Get ready to SHIFT & CONNECT – your adventure begins now!

Feeling Lost on the Relationship Highway

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to feel like you’re driving blindfolded on the road of relationships. Miscommunication, misunderstandings, and unresolved conflicts can leave you feeling lost and disconnected. Picture the frustration of constantly arguing with your partner without resolution or the heartache of feeling distant from loved ones despite your efforts. It’s time to take the wheel and steer towards a solution.

Your GPS to Relationship Success: SHIFT & CONNECT

Enter SHIFT & CONNECT—your GPS for unlocking the power of connections. Crafted with precision like a high-performance car, this class equips you with the skills, strategies, and insights needed to navigate the twists and turns of relationships with confidence and ease.  From mastering communication to fostering empathy, SHIFT & CONNECT provides the roadmap to transform your connections into thriving, fulfilling experiences.

Unlock the Thrill of Authentic Human Connection

SHIFT AND CONNECT is your roadmap to transforming relationships and fostering lasting connections. Join me, Stella Frances, on a 30-day journey to unlock the true potential of your relationships.

Meet Your Guide To Happiness And Fulfillment


Hello, Brave Soul!

Stella Frances here, your mentor and coach, known for the Stella Notes book series and LIVE HAPPILY™ Coaching Systems. With certifications as a Success Trainer, Life Coach, and Mindfulness Instructor, my passion is spreading happiness worldwide. I’ve guided countless individuals to success and true happiness. Are you ready to achieve your goals and breakthroughs? Let’s embark on this journey together toward a life filled with positivity and purpose!


Hello, Brave Soul!

I’m Stella Frances, your mentor and coach. Author of the Stella Notes book series and creator of LIVE HAPPILY™ Coaching Systems, I’m certified as a Success Trainer, Life Coach, and Mindfulness Instructor, driven to spread happiness globally. Over the years, I’ve guided countless individuals to build better lives, successful careers, and find true happiness.
My mission? To help you achieve your goals and breakthroughs, leading you to a life radiating with positivity and purpose.

Qualified Educator | Happiness Mentor


Shift & Connect

Unleash the Power of Meaningful Connections

Transform Your Relationships in 30 Days

Unlock a world of possibilities with SHIFT & CONNECT. Gain the confidence to navigate the winding roads of relationships with ease and grace. Experience the joy of fostering authentic connections that bring meaning and fulfillment to your life.  Say goodbye to relationship roadblocks and hello to a journey filled with thriving connections and boundless happiness. 
With SHIFT & CONNECT, you will revitalize your relationships, navigate the winding roads of connection with confidence, and unlock the thrill of authentic human connection. So, are you ready to rev your engines and embark on this exciting journey of transformation?
Let’s SHIFT & CONNECT – your adventure awaits!

Join us and discover the transformative power of meaningful relationships today! 

Rave Reviews: Hear What Our Clients Are Saying!

Stella Frances is a true beacon of positivity and wisdom. Through her program, I discovered a new sense of clarity and purpose in my relationships. Stella's coaching is nurturing yet empowering, making every session an enriching experience.
Emily S, Jupiter, FL
Interior Designer
Stella's insightful teachings and compassionate guidance helped me break free from old patterns and create healthier, happier relationships. The workbook and exercises were very useful for me and I'm grateful to have had her support every step of the way.
Michael G, Stuart, FL
IT Professional

Unlock a world of possibilities with SHIFT & CONNECT

Discover The Roadmap To Nurturing Happy Relationships

What the Program Offers:


Kick off lesson one by learning the essentials of relationship building. Discover five habits for healthy connections and spot seven red flags of trouble. Learn how self-respect intertwines with mutual respect and how to harmonize expectations with acceptance. This base knowledge is your toolkit for lasting, fulfilling relationships.  Develop a roadmap to success by practicing self-reflection, journaling, getting clear on your wants and needs, and setting goals to achieve your vision of your ideal relationships with friends, intimate partner, family members, or work colleagues.


Lesson two delves into personal transformation through mastering mental shifts and forging meaningful connections.  We’ll explore how to identify and transcend limiting beliefs that hinder growth, fostering a mindset conducive to success and well-being.
Setting personal boundaries will be a pivotal skill, enabling you to protect your energy and focus.  We’ll also tackle the challenging dynamics of toxic relationships, equipping you with strategies to recognize, navigate, and ultimately free yourself from such negativity.  Additionally, we’ll embrace the liberating power of forgiveness, understanding its role in healing and freeing oneself from past burdens.  This lesson is about reclaiming your space and peace of mind.


Embark on a transformative journey in Lesson 3, where improving relationships takes center stage. Learn to cultivate conscious connections and unlock the keys to meaningful interactions. This lesson will enhance your toolbox with effective communication techniques, ensuring your messages resonate. We’ll also dive into the language of feelings, gaining a deeper understanding of emotions and their expressions. Lastly, explore the art of crafting heartfelt love letters that convey depth and sincerity. This lesson is dedicated to enriching your relational tapestry and fostering deeper understanding and lasting bonds.


In lesson 4 we unravel the pursuit of lasting happiness, focusing on empathy and its transformative impact. What exactly is empathy? This module answers that question and teaches you how to seamlessly integrate empathy into your daily interactions.
Through practical exercises and thoughtful discussion, you will learn to apply empathy effectively, enhancing both personal and professional relationships. By cultivating this crucial skill, you will unlock a deeper level of understanding and connection with those around you, leading to a more fulfilling and genuinely happy life. Join us to unlock the secrets of lasting happiness through the lens of empathy—your guide to a more connected and contented life.

THE shift and connect CLASS INCLUDES:

LIVE Calls With Stella Frances

Get the training that will empower you to achieve your goals (and so much more) with personal growth training. 4 x 60-Minutes Calls allow you to ask and clarify anything

Weekly Action & Accountability

In addition to getting insight and advice on your challenges, we’ll help hold you accountable for completing written assignments and pairing you up with an optional accountability partner

7-Day Challenge, & Giveaways!

There's nothing like a challenge for getting things done! That's why I'm adding in some fun by offering a super cool challenge with great prizes and giveaways

Online Access To Class Materials

All action guides, workbooks, bonus content, and more are available to you 24/7 throughout the program

Club-Happy Community

Results-focused Private Facebook Group where our active members gather to celebrate wins, post questions, challenges, and get the support they need to make incredible progress on their goals


Your satisfaction is guaranteed! If you’re not fully delighted after the first seven days, we’ll refund your entire tuition.

By Enrolling in the SHIFT AND CONNECT Class You will also be joining a positive, enthusiastic group of people who are highly motivated to create lives filled with calmness and clarity.

Gear up for a life-changing journey with SHIFT & CONNECT

As you navigate the highways of personal growth and connection, remember that the road ahead is filled with endless opportunities for happiness and fulfillment.
Embark on an extraordinary journey today! With Stella Frances as your trusted guide and the transformative SHIFT & CONNECT interactive curriculum at your fingertips, you will be empowered to navigate towards a future brimming with thriving relationships and boundless joy. So, fasten your seatbelt and get ready to embrace the exhilarating adventure that lies ahead!
Your destination?  A life enriched by authentic connections and lasting happiness. Let’s hit the road together and unlock the power of meaningful relationships!
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