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The art of living THE truly happy life

Live Happily Academy teaches you the things that really matter in life. It’s a fun and safe space where we learn without judgment and grow beyond limits. Here you will master practical tools, effective strategies and new techniques to elevate the quality of your relationships, career, mindset and wellbeing.

The Goal is True Happiness

Discover who you are

At Live Happily Academy learning is a lifelong love affair

We offer a variety of empowering curriculum for people like you who are dedicated to their personal development.  Some of the areas our classes can help you:

  • Live with purpose
  • Improve relationships
  • Increase focus and concentration
  • Manage time and stress
  • Elevate your self-awareness

​Everything you need and beyond to achieve the greatest success on your path of self-discovery can be found right here.​

Change is possible - live happily

We are always on a quest for self-improvement

Change is inevitable why not then make it work for you? Experience positive change through the process of personal transformation and manifest a new lifestyle by design.  Our content and courses have radically transformed the lives of our students and clients. Our programs and systems help you make the changes you need so you can live the life you totally love living. 

ok lets do it

Group Motivation: One for all and all for one

When you align your life with your values you become more confident and look toward your future with excitement. An integral part of living a happy and successful life is having a support system in place. At Live Happily Academy you surround yourself with people who inspire you and motivate you to become the best version of yourself. 

What Our Happy Students Are Saying

I just attended Stella’s workshop on The Key To Happiness. It was fabulous. Stella has a wonderful gift of listening to people and responding with thoughtfulness and care. Personally, I found the workshop to be an “uplifting” experience and would recommend Stella’s life coaching to anyone who feels a need to develop personally and even professionally.
Karin M
Stuart, FL
Stella Frances is a real star performer in the change game. Like showing people how to make positive life changes and business changes. The first time I heard her speak I was blown away and took pages of notes. She makes difficult and complex subjects very simple and easy to understand. Even better is a road map to follow in making positive impacts in my life. As a person, she is a pleasure to be around and truly a bright business star!
Bryan D.
Jupiter, FL
“The Happiness is REAL” Stella Frances is the REAL deal. Her Happiness classes are truly life-changing! Stella offers tangible real-life skills. She has shown me how to know who I really am. A true gift that has changed my life. I am in awe. I highly recommend Stella’s courses and programs. If you have not taken any of her Happiness Classes yet… run don’t walk. Blessings.
Stephanie S.
Tampa, FL
A compassionate human being who brings happiness wherever she goes. She can show you the pathway to joy and happiness in your life. I am blessed she is my coach and my friend. God Bless you Stella. What a great presentation ‘Lasting Happiness” was today. Thank you for sharing all that life-changing information with us. Your presence made a difference to me today…
Carol H.
Palm Beach, FL

The Vision

I believe inner peace, happiness, and abundance to be the elements of our natural state of being. Hi! My name is Stella Frances, I am the creator of Live Happily Academy. If you knew me you’d know my vision is a world filled with people who follow their passion and live a life they love living. 

The truth is that each and every one of us is gifted with extraordinary potential. The question is how many of us go beyond our fears and doubts to pursue purpose and live happily?  Some do but without this education many fail. Armed with knowledge, on the other hand, and the power tool of a thriving mindset success becomes an event.

Stella Frances - Founder

Happiness is an Inside Job

Meet Stella Frances

Mentor, Speaker, Published Author

Stella Frances inspires and empowers all those that are drawn to her to live their highest vision in the context of love and joy. Born in Athens, Greece, a passionate student of philosophy,  Stella has always been fascinated by the power of the human mind and inspired by those who rise above adversity to conquer the disparities in our world.  

After 15 successful years in the I.T. industry as a computer network engineer Stella faced extreme stress and was burnt out. She left her job to study mindfulness, teach her favorite subject -HAPPINESS and go into deep mastery of personal development. 

Her passion is helping people discover & unlock their unique potential, find true happiness and achieve success to live a life they LOVE living. Helping others find success and fulfillment in their lives is what makes Stella super happy and keeps her motivated.


Success Begins with Happiness

Success Begins with Happiness

When you join the Live Happily Academy, Stella provides you with the tools and systems to design your life’s blueprint. She guides you to create the strategy you need to implement so you can have the freedom, lifestyle and business that reflect success on your terms. The variety of the classes and programs she offers at the Live Happily Academy helps you find meaning and fulfillment in life as you learn how to flourish no matter what is happening around you.

Stella Frances is the creator of Stella Notes, a successful series of happiness guides, designed for people who don’t like to read or don’t have the time.  Every book is a unique interactive experience filled with questions, quizzes and inspiring images. Each title is an easy-to-follow mini-coaching program that represents a specific life-subject, written in a friendly tone and easy language to follow.

Choose to live a passionate, meaningful, exciting life. the  LIFE you Totally LOVE living!

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Change is possible - live happily

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