You Deserve The Happy Life

Find your inspiration and use it to ignite your life from the inside

Excited to unlock the real you and show the whole world what you can offer?

Your Potential Is already waiting there

No matter who you are, where you’re from and the experiences you’ve lived through, you truly can become anyone you want to be.
How do I know? I’ve been there and done it…

When I wanted to live a life free from stress, worry and anxiety, I didn’t know how to do it at first.  I read everything I could, thought and reflected at length, and then discovered something life-changing:

My potential was already waiting inside me.
Now my job is to help you set yours free so you can live the happy life.


“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”
–Mahatma Gandhi


“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what makes you happy.”
–Oprah Winfrey

Self-development for life-development

These are more than courses — they are life-changing resources and sources of new direction and fresh ideas. Why would you risk setting off on your journey without everything you need to succeed?

The next move you make really matters, so I want you to take a break and think about that last paragraph. This is your time to step forward with power and purpose and seize the happy life you so richly deserve with both hands. Once you take that step, I can show you simple, proven ways to grip it so tight that you’ll never let it go.

-More Ideas because you’ll never be held captive by limiting beliefs ever again

-More Hope thanks to a newfound optimism and energy that truly does set you free

-More Creativity as you embark on new journeys that allow you to explore authentically

-More Happiness because you’ll be living your life, your way, without ever having to ask permission

Combine all of these in perfect harmony, and add in the act of continuous growth and reflection, and you have a unique way to approach every moment in life. It’s what the Live Happily Academy exists to connect you with, and I see it as my gift to you.

Inspiration for any lifestyle

No two people are the same, which you might think makes self-development a challenging process. Rather than fighting this natural variation and abundance with generic content that tries to speak to everyone, I tailor my approach in a deeper way.

Everything you’ll connect with can be adapted and moulded to fit into the lifestyle groove you want to create. And if you find yourself growing or shifting over time, the resources you invest in today will evolve with you for a lifetime. Ideal when you want to make sure you have the constant source of support and guidance that never leaves your side, no matter where you choose to go and explore.

What does this type of life really look like?

Don’t worry, it is the right question to ask…

Take a look at the different courses, programs and guides that I can offer here:


The Passport

Reimagine your future and let your ideal life finally start to take shape.


The Island Mindset

Make happiness the skill that lasts a lifetime as you achieve anything and everything.


The Mechanics of Life

Virtual workshops that take you from the pit lane to the finishing line in record time!

The Goal Tracker

New direction, goals, clarity and accountability: What else could you wish for?


The Ticket

Start, grow and accelerate a business that sets you free like never before



Journey to the island of Samos to immerse yourself in the truth about authentic happiness

live-happily-academy-woman-gazing-to the left-w

The Journey

Become your true self as you enrich your life with authentic happiness like never before


Find Your Happy

Reconnect with what makes you happy and use it as the fuel for an incredible life


The Accelerator

Leave limiting beliefs behind and make today YOUR day for the very first time!


Stellar Mindfulness – All Packages

Step Out Of Stress And Worry To Find Your Peace And Joy


Flip Your Script – All Packages

Unlock Your Inner Positivity and Rewrite Your Life's Story


Shift And Connect – All Packages

Transform Your Relationships: Bridge Gaps and Cultivate Deeper Connections

With each one you’ll see that you can dream big, expand your horizons, bench limiting beliefs and achieve so much more. Ideal when you want to live a life that sets you free to:

-Be Happy in every aspect of your life so you make sure you never waste a minute

-Be Free in your choices and happy in your progress as you celebrate outcomes

-Be Alive in a way that’s hard to put into words for those who accept the status quo

-Be At Peace as you feel a deep sense of inner calm and tranquility rise up and up

I can tell you from experience that these outcomes and results will help reshape your life in a truly meaningful way.

Why Me?

I’ve been where you are right now...

My name is Stella Frances

I know that it’s seemingly impossible to find new direction in life given all the different options and conflicting ideas that are out there. I also know first hand how hard it is to find a coherent strategy and program that allows you to do the things in life that everyone else is settling for missing.

With this in mind, I created the Live Happily Academy so you never have to settle for ‘good enough’ or the status quo. I look forward to connecting and starting a dialogue about what resonates with you and your dreams.


What’s your next step?

Let’s make it one that makes a difference.

Explore the programs and content above, or get in touch directly for new guidance and direction that will allow you to locate your perfect fit.

Together, we will build the happy life you deserve.
You should never settle for anything less.

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”
–Carl Jung

What Our Happy Students Are Saying​​

I was amazed at the simplicity and power of it. I now have clarity in my daily priorities -brilliant!”
Amy T.
New York, NY
I rediscovered aspects of who I am and after many years have been able to utilize them again in my everyday life.
Bob S.
Virginia, USA
I loved the interaction and openness with everyone and learning about myself. I’m taking action after this experience.
Angie F.
From Palm Beach, FL
I came to the realization that I have to get out of my own way. Surely my life will change for the better. Thank you Stella You are a gift to the world.
Jessica M.
Miami, FL
"This course has been life changing. What an amazing feeling to know this way of living."
Tom McP.
Jupiter, FL
Stella genuinely cares to assist others find and manifest their heartfelt dreams. She gives practical steps for you to no longer procrastinate your creative potential but rather to fulfill your destiny.
Linda P.
Jupiter, FL

we hope to see you soon in one of our events or classes.
till we meet... stay cool. Be you. stay happy!

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